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Aqualung Zuma BCD

Aqualung Zuma BCD


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Part Number:BC1630110MLL Manufacturer: Aqua Lung Model: Zuma Primary Color: Size: Accent Color:

This lightweight jacket with integrated weight and a back volume has everything you need for less than 4.75lbs with its inflator and weight pockets.


- Extremely light weight - 4.75lbs / 2.2kg

- Great packability

- Weight integration features the SureLock II (10lbs each pocket0

- Innovative tank support system eliminates the need for a hard pack

- Lower tank band alights with waist band - a valve strap pulls the top of the cylinder towards the center of gravity transferring the load to the hips relieving the shoulders

- Adjustable chest strap

- Proprietary flat valve means less bulk

- 6 D-rings

- Includes attachement gromets for knife

- Padded shoulder, spine and lumbar


- Trim tab pockets that mount on the tank band

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