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Halcyon Traveler BC

Halcyon Traveler BC


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Part Number:10.600.000 Manufacturer: HALCYON Model: Traveler

The Halcyon Traveler™ Pro merges the simplicity and lightweight appeal of small jacket systems with the performance of back-mounted BC systems.

Key Features

  • Ideal for travel - Weighs less than 6 pounds (3 kg)
  • Black, hard coat anodized aluminum D-rings - Reduces weight with a stylish look
  • Unique weight attachment systems - Add up to 5 KG / 12 LB of almost any style weight
  • Integrated Cinch quick-adjust system (patent pending), with nearly instant adjustability
  • Padded shoulder and back pads provide unparalleled comfort
  • For use with a single tank only

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