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Public Safety Dive Training Division

Scuba Shack is Southern New England’s premier source for educating, training and equipping Public Safety Dive Teams. Scuba Shack understands, and is very familiar with the significant hazards and risks in which public safety divers find themselves. Gear selection, gear configuration and diver training are extremely important to reduce the team’s risks and for successful completion of their missions.

Public safety diving is very different from recreational diving in many respects. Unlike recreational divers who plan their dives in advance and rarely “work” underwater, public safety dive teams must be prepared to dive and work safely and effectively in conditions frequently not suitable for recreational divers. Proper training and certification is required.

The Public Safety Diver certification that Scuba Shack offers is uniquely positioned to ensure the safety of the diver, team members and the public. All of our Public Safety instructors are either current or former Public Safety Divers. Plus - We are one of the few shops in the United States with the ability to certify PADI Public Safety Instructors. Our Course Director is a PADI Public Safety Instructor Trainer.

Public Safety Diver Training

Scuba Shack has been training recreational and technical divers since 1977, and since our inception we’ve been working with local dive teams providing them with gear and training. Along with providing recreational training to prospective public safety dive team members, we also have instructors who can provide advanced training to law enforcement, fire departments, search and rescue personnel.

Becoming a certified Public Safety Diver is a progression of training. To become a PADI Public Safety Diver, dive team members require the following certifications

?    Open Water Diver
?    Advanced Open Water Diver
?    Rescue Diver

Many dive team members also complete training in Buoyancy & Control and Dry Suit Diver.

Additionally, for divers who have met the prerequisites, Scuba Shack can provide a variety of training customized for specific departments. Some examples include:

?    Surface Support
?    Advanced Underwater Navigation (Search Patterns)
?    Tethered Diving
?    Ice Diving
?    Hull Inspection
?    Full Face Mask Diving
?    Underwater Communication
?    Vehicle Recovery
?    Evidence Recovery

Who we work with

Scuba Shack continues to train, equip and support a number of local and regional dive teams including:

?    Brookfield Police Department
?    Bantum Dive Team
?    Connecticut state Police Emergency Services Unit
?    Milford Police Department
?    Portland Fire & Rescue
?    Region Five Dive Team
?    South Hadley (MA) Fire District 1

The Key Difference

There are always options in terms of training for Public Safety dive teams. Considering the inherent risks and liability involved it is critical that Public Safety divers are able to dive and perform their tasks as a team without putting others at risk. Scuba Shack’s approach, method, style and experience sets us apart.

We are ready and able to meet your team’s needs.


If you are interested in learning more about our quality instruction/programs from the public safety teams we work with, contact us and we will provide you direct contact information with any of the dive team leaders.