Public Safety Dive Training Division

scuba-shack-public-safetyScuba Shack is Southern New England’s premier source for education, training and equipment for Public Safety Diver training. Scuba Shack understands, and is very familiar with the significant hazards and risks that public safety divers are exposed to. Gear selection, gear configuration and diver training are all extremely important to help reduce those risks.

Public safety diving is very different than recreational diving in many respects. Unlike recreational divers who plan their dives in advance and rarely “work” underwater, public safety dive teams must dive and work effectively in conditions frequently not suitable for recreational divers.

Having a recreational diving certification does not qualify a diver to classify themselves as a public safety diver. Proper training/certification is required. The Public Safety Diver certification ensures the safety of the diver, team members and the public.

The team at Scuba Shack works with numerous dive teams on all levels of diver training, gear selection/purchase and equipment maintenance.

Public Safety Teams Supported by Scuba Shack

  • Bridgeport Police Department
  • Brookfield Police Department
  • Capitol Region Emergency Service Team (CREST)
  • Connecticut State Police Emergency Services Unit
  • Coventry Fire Department
  • Greenwich Police Department
  • Westport Police Department
  • Milford Police Department
  • Stamford Fire Department
  • Trumbull Police Department
  • Monroe Police Department
  • Middletown Fire & Rescue
  • Middletown Police Department
  • New Haven Police Department
  • Portland Fire & Rescue
  • West Hartford Police Department

If you are interested in learning more about our quality instruction/programs from the public safety teams we work with, contact us and we will provide you direct contact information with any of the dive team leaders.