Training Quarry

scuba-shack-public-safetyScuba Shack has exclusive year-round access to Brownstone Park in Portland, Connecticut for use by public safety dive teams for training and team exercises. We can also coordinate multi-team events so team members can get to know and practice with public safety divers they may be working with in the future.

Sections of Brownstone Park are absolutely perfect for training divers who will be working in various types of water conditions throughout southern New England. Numerous underwater props – including vehicles – are available to practice underwater recovery operations, and search grids can easily be set up at a variety of depths.

Numerous public safety teams utilize Brownstone Park throughout the year for training exercises. If you’re interested in meeting with us to arrange a tour, contact Monty Fitzpatrick at Scuba Shack.

Brownstone Park – Location

Brownstone Park
161 Brownstone Avenue
Portland, Connecticut

Make all training arrangements through Scuba Shack.