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Public Safety Diver Training

Scuba Shack has been training recreational and technical divers since 1977, and since our inception we’ve been working with local dive teams providing them with gear and training. Along with providing top-quality recreational training to prospective public safety diver team members, we also have instructors on staff who can provide advanced training to law enforcement, fire department, and search and rescue personnel who are just starting out as a team member.


Prior to starting the public safety diver program, team divers must meet certain minimum requirements for training with Scuba Shack. We are not able to take a basic recreational diver and train them at a rescue team level. Our emphasis is to ensure the candidate is a well-balanced diver at a fundamental level prior to starting public safety-specific training. Minimum prerequisites include:

  • Recently certified as Open Water Diver or a certified diver with recent, logged diving experience.
  • Complete the public safety version of Scuba Shack’s Buoyancy & Control class.
  • Complete a Dry Suit Specialty course if using a dry suit during training and operations.

Base Training

Divers who have met the prerequisites can become immersed in a variety of training customized for specific department requirements. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Surface Support
  • Advanced Underwater Navigation (Search Patterns)
  • Tethered Diving
  • Ice Diving & Overhead Environments
  • Hull Inspection
  • Full Face Mask Diving
  • Underwater Communications
  • Vehicle Recovery
  • Evidence Recovery

PADI Public Safety Diver

The PADI Public Safety Diver program is an all-inclusive program that may or may not meet the specific requirements for diving in your area. In addition to having the basic prerequisites – Open Water Diver, Buoyancy & Control and Dry Suit Diver (if applicable) – divers must be certified as an Advanced Open Water Diver, and Rescue Diver to complete the program.

How can Scuba Shack help your team?

It’s simple – we have contacts in the industry since we work full-time in the industry. You’re tasked with being well-versed in a variety of skill sets, let Scuba Shack be your local resource when it comes to up-to-date training to ensure you’re divers are experienced with the newest techniques and public safety diving standards.

For additional information, set up a no-obligation consultation with Monty Fitzpatrick at Scuba Shack.