REEF fishinars, REEF Facebook groups, Fish and Things – Spotted Drum

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 3, Number 17

Hope you had a Happy Earth Day – 50 years and counting.

This week’s blog should have been coming to you from Key Largo. Instead I will have to settle for my pictures from last year’s trip and watch the trip video to realize just how great a trip that was.

I have been going through all my diving photos from the past and trying to really focus on identifying what it is that I captured with the camera. To help, I’ve been turning to REEF and going back to their archives of Fishinars. I also did a Fishinar this past week on some of the species from Honduras. They have a lot of cool stuff out there. Check out their jeopardy game. I will be doing another jeopardy game this Friday night

Additionally, REEF has several Facebook groups out there. There are groups for the Tropical Western Atlantic, Indo Pacific, Hawaii and more. I joined several and what is neat about this is you can post pictures of things you need help in identifying. They have already helped me with a couple of fish I couldn’t accurately identify. Another great resource.

A new episode of The Fish and Things I’ve Found Underwater is on Scuba Shack TV. This week’s featured fish is the spotted drum. Fish and Things #3 Spotted Drum.

Hopefully we will be getting some clarity on our way forward in the next couple of weeks. Until we do I appreciate you tuning in.


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