Staff Review: Aqua Lung i300C dive computer

As part of our commitment to improving our training, Scuba Shack has invested in a fleet of Aqua Lung computers. Our main training computer is the Aqua Lung i100. We also added an i300C. Both computers are an outstanding value for the functionality.

I thought I’d take a minute to tell you about my recent experience with the i300C while at Dutch Springs earlier this month. The i100 and i300C have pretty much an identical menu structure, display and model. The i300C provides a backlight (which I rarely use, but is nice to have). The i300C also has two buttons versus one on the i100. Two buttons made cycling through the menus a little easier.

Setting up for 32 percent Enriched Air Nitrox was simple. The underwater display is big enough and readable even at 85 feet in 43 degree water. The buttons are easy to manipulate with 5 mm gloves. I left deep stops on, and at 42 feet I got a two minute hold. The safety stop starts at 20 feet with a nice count down timer showing minutes and seconds remaining – for the impatient bunch!

Both computers can be downloaded to your computer with an interface cable and placed into the DiverLog application. Pretty neat.

The i300C has an additional really cool feature – Bluetooth. With the DiverLog+ app on my iPhone, I was able to synch the dives into my phone and update my gas usage, weights, gear bag and other dive info. The app then calculated my SAC. Way cool. But there is more. I can actually set the computer from the phone.

We’re impressed with the Aqua Lung line of affordable, reliable and safe dive computers. Stop by and check them out. The i100 is a great deal for either a primary or backup, while the i300C provides that added technology that a lot of folks like.

And hey – you can replace your own battery!