Scuba Shack is 100% AWARE!

As divers we are fascinated and in awe of our magnificent oceans and the underwater world. I can still remember my first dives in the Florida Keys & Hawaii, thinking about how lucky I was to explore this unique environment. My first trip to Nassau was another major turning point as I first encountered reef sharks. I wasn’t afraid of them. I respected them and marveled at their beauty.

So these oceans and everything that lives within them need to be protected. So how can one person, one dive shop in central Connecticut possibly help?

Here is how we will start to make a difference. Scuba Shack is now a proud participant in 100% AWARE. What does that mean? Well, with every PADI certification we issue, we will donate $10 to Project AWARE.

Project AWARE connects the passion for ocean adventure with the purpose of marine conservation.

We want to make a difference. This is just one small step that we can take right now. 70% of the planet is blue! Let’s keep it that way.