Scuba Shack Legacy Timeline

The Scuba Shack staff – including the current owners, past owners and staff – put together this timeline review of the Scuba Shack history. If you have anything to add, send it along so we have great information to celebrate 10 years from now!

1977 – Despite the lingering fear of sharks thanks to the movie Jaws (1975), Scuba Shack founder Bill Roe left his full time job to establish Scuba Shack of Connecticut, LTD. Scuba Shack’s Grand Opening was held on May 12, 13, 14 at the original location at 1839 Silas Deane Highway in Rocky Hill.

1978 – Jolly Ranchers were named the official candy of Scuba Shack.

1979 – Tom Misenti, certified as an Open Water Diver by Scuba Shack in its inaugural year, joined Bill Roe as a co-owner.

1981 – Scuba Shack operated a charter boat, the S.S. Scuba Shack, offered group travel to the Caymans, and moved a few doors up the street to 1845 Silas Deane Highway.

1982 – Scuba Shack relocated to its present location at 1765 Silas Deane Highway.

1987 – To celebrate Scuba Shack’s 10th Anniversary, the Open Water Class – which included 32 hours of lecture, pool and instruction – was offered for $75.

1988 – Scuba Shack opened a second location at 277 Albany Turnpike in Canton, Connecticut.

1994 – This year the cost of Open Water Certification was $175!

A diver since the age of 10, Monty Fitzpatrick brought his technical & commercial diver experience to Scuba Shack.

1999 –  Ed Hayes, a diver since the age of 8 and Open Water certified by Scuba Shack in 1997, introduced Scuba Shack and Connecticut to Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) and the concept of diving with a back plate & wing and a 7’ long hose. Traditionally used by cave divers, this equipment and specialized training offers increased knowledge, skills and safety to recreational divers who want to remain on the cutting edge of scuba training and equipment.

2000 – Scuba Shack Canton was consolidated with Scuba Shack in Rocky Hill.

2000 – Tom Misenti became the sole owner of Scuba Shack when Bill Roe went to Michigan to run the family Christmas tree farm.

2004 – Jeff, Donna and Matt Cinciripino were certified as Open Water Divers at Scuba Shack and soon became an Instructor and Divemasters, respectively, assisting with dozens of Open Water classes, as well as joining several group dive trips sponsored by Scuba Shack.

2006Ed Hayes purchased Scuba Shack and our local dive community wished Tom Misenti well as he moved on to a new job in the insurance industry. Under Ed’s new ownership, Scuba Shack underwent many renovations including doubling the size of the showroom floor.

2007 – Monty Fitzpatrick reached the highest professional level of PADI when he became a PADI Course Director, one of only two in Connecticut.

2008 – Use of the back plate, wing and 7’ hoses enjoyed growing popularity at Scuba Shack.

2012 – Scuba Shack expanded training to Police and Fire Department Dive Teams, becoming the only facility in New England qualified to certify Public Safety Instructors.

2015 – Scuba Shack in Rocky Hill has been operating longer than any of the other dive shops that share the same name. There are Scuba Shacks located in Cayman Brac, Cozumel, Des Moine Iowa, Lawrence, Kan., Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, Maui, Hawaii, McAllen Texas, Pensacola Fla., San Antonio, Texas, and Florence, Ky.

2017 – Ed Hayes makes the decision to sell Scuba Shack in order to pursue other business interests.

Monty Fitzpatrick and Jeff, Donna, & Matt Cinciripino, form a partnership and purchase Scuba Shack from Ed Hayes.

Scuba Shack Celebrates its 40th Anniversary, making it one of Connecticut’s oldest dive shops!

The new owners of Scuba Shack wish to thank Bill Roe, Tom & Alicia Misenti, Ed & Gina Hayes and the many instructors, assistant instructors and divemasters who have worked with Scuba Shack in the past 40 years for their loyalty to the sport of scuba. Their love of diving, and their dedication to Connecticut’s dive community has given Scuba Shack a longevity that is seldom seen!

Our mission is to continue to serve a diverse dive community – Recreational, Technical and Public Safety by offering safe and effective training, state-of-the-art equipment, superior service and maintenance, with opportunities to experience a wide variety of diving opportunities that are educational, fun and connect like-minded people with each other and the underwater world!

Scuba Shack, Forty Years and Counting…