Scuba Shack Staff Member takes his training to greater Depths

Scuba Shack Staff member, Chris Sawallich has just returned from a week of intensive training in Canada. Under the instruction of Global Underwater Explorers instructor Dan MacKay, Chris successfully completed the GUE Technical Diver Level 1 course (also known as Tech 1). The Tech1 Course is one of the GUE courses available to expand on skills learned in the GUE Fundamentals Course. Tech 1 Divers receive intense training in Decompression Diving procedures and the use of various mixed gases including the use of Helium Enriched Gas (TriOx) in dives to 150 feet. In addition, Tech 1 divers train extensively in problem identification and resolution to help make themselves and their team members safer divers.
Attaining the Tech1 level is a great accomplishment.

Next time you see Chris at the shop or one of our local dive sites, be sure to congratulate him.

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