Scuba Shack staff visit Maui, Hawaii for diving

Recently Instructor Jeff Cinciripino, Divemaster Donna Cinciripino, and Matt Cinciripino, shop staff, visited the beautiful Hawaiian Island of Maui for some easy diving on Ka’anapali Beach. Dive spots included the Marriott Reef and a night dive at world famous Black Rock.

Fish life was plentiful in warm 75 degree water, including a host of Hawaiian endemic species such as the Hawaiian Dascyllus, Psychedelic Wrasse, Elegant Coris, and Saddle Wrasse. Also seen were several large Green Sea Turtles, a Gold-lace Nudibranch, Red Reef Lobster, Sculptured Slipper Lobster, a Sleepy Sponge Crab, and an amazing Harlequin Shrimp. Throughout the dives the songs of the Humpback Whales, who frequent the area during the winter months, could be easily heard.

Surface intervals provided great opportunities to watch the whales breaching, Spinner Dolphins doing their acrobatics, or simply lazing about in the hammock.

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