Scuba Shack visits the Bahamas – Shark Diving Photos!

The annual Scuba Shack Nassau Memorial Day trip got off to a great start with the arrival of our intrepid adventurers at the World Renowned Orange Hill Beach Inn where “the only thing colder than the beer were the showers!” Hot water problems were eventually addressed and the group was off to a rousing good time at Capriccio’s.

Our first day of diving included a hammerhead shark sighting on Palace Wall which Jeff Cinciripino was able to capture on video. On Friday morning the group experienced its first formal shark dive. Our boat crew, Terri and Charlotte, the official shark wranglers were assisted by Peter Katz and his daughter Jessica. We served as shark feeders not as shark bait, although there was one close call, but to hand feed fish to the sharks from short spears. The rest of the group kneeled in a semicircle around the “shark arena” to watch the show. It was an adrenaline pumping 40 minutes of sharks, sharks, and more sharks! We made it back to the surface with all our limbs and digits intact, but the excitement was palpable.

scuba-shack-nassau-201505-017Our adventures continued on Saturday, the boat was loaded with tanks, food, adult beverages and we were off to Exuma for our out island excursion. It took a little longer than expected, Clee J had to train our boat captain Densel on the ins and outs of piloting through the reefs that surround Highbourne Cay. We did our favorite dive site, Beach Bum tunnel on Eagle Ray Wall but the group opted out of the second dive to concentrate on eating, drinking and cavorting on the beach of one of the deserted cays. Thanks to Don Drew, we were treated to the prerelease of the Caribbean Beach Bums first album “It’s The Near Perfect Day.”   Needless to say, it was a huge hit especially the song “Diver Down” which seemed to resonate with Moderation man himself!

Our adventures were not limited to the sea, we had wonderful evenings at our favorite dining establishments. Somehow, the rumor circulated that there was another Sean Connery sighting at Café Matisse although it was never confirmed. Our evening at Luciano’s on their patio overlooking the harbor was delightful. Nothing like good food, good wine, good friends after a day full of good diving.

Our last evening was a low key barbecue at Orange Hill. Unfortunately, the week end sped by way too fast and we had to say good bye to our home away from home. We vowed to be back next year with a plan to experience the “Lost Blue Hole” dive site hidden away on the north east portion of New Providence Island.

Shark Feeding Frenzy!