Scuba Shack’s IRONMEN hit the shores of Rhode Island

Scuba Shack’s Ironmen of diving, Tom Kutz, and Guy Martin were at it again last weekend with a stop in Rhode Island.

Here is a report written up by Guy Martin.

Tom and my plan was to dive Dutch Island, We read that this was a good spot for finding “various whatnots and who knows what of curious origin”. so we headed to Fort Getty camp ground to survey the Island. This turned out to be a boat dive so we will save that for another day

We ended up at Bull Point and dove the wall
We entered the water at11:35am, High tide was 12:21pm so we were just about at slack
We dropped down to 60′ and followed the wall along. We had some problems with the flag line getting caught on the rock overhangs above, but we were able to manage the situation and continue our dive.

The viz was about 5′ to 10′ so we stayed close to the wall as that is the best place to spot signs of life anyway. Good dive though saw a lot of black fish and gunners, some small lobsters and large fluke At the turn, the tide was going out, this swept us along toward our exit point, so we got in perfect trim and glided effortlessly back to the starting point. Perfect dive planning!

The second dive we went in the West Cove at Fort Wetherill and followed the wall around, cut through the rocks and encountered a very strong current, and followed the wall to exit at the ramp
The water was full of jellyfish and the visibility was about average for the Ft. Wetherill area, but it was still a great day of diving as it always is.

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