Scuba Shack’s recent Pirates Week trip to Grand Cayman

Shiver me timbers! Scuba Shack divers invaded Grand Cayman for the start of the annual Pirates Week festivities Nov. 8-12. Although a small group lead by Scuba Shack instructor Peter Katz, what we lacked in numbers, we made up in enthusiasm.

Located in the northwest corner of Grand Cayman, not far from the turtle farm, Cobalt Coast Resort served as our center of operations. Together with Dive Tech, the on premises dive operation, Cobalt Coast is a very comfortable and convenient location for divers. The staff, Arie, Dora, and Kristen are warm and friendly and take great pains to insure your stay is pleasurable. Dive Tech’s staff is personable and knowledgeable. “Pink” Jo served as our boat captain and dive guide on a number of dives and was ably assisted by Sam, Anton, and Joe. Dive briefings always included white board drawings of the sites as well as bottom times of 60 minutes and safety stops.

The diving was typical Grand Cayman, wall dives with swim throughs and spectacular vistas followed by shallow reef dives, finger corals and sand patches. The water was 82 degrees and viz was about 100 feet. On our first dive, we counted 5 turtles and saw a spotted eagle ray – not too shabby. The diving was terrific, but one of the highlights this trip was the Treasure Dive from Light House Point, Dive Tech’s west side shore facility. Emma was instrumental in running the event and made sure all involved had fun and were safe. It was a charity fund raiser that allowed us to dive for numbered “coins” that were later redeemed for prizes back at Cobalt Coast. Finding the coins was fun, but the shore dive was terrific! No sand, set up on secure benches, entry off a concrete pier and exit via a large ladder, what could be more convenient? As for the dive, reef squid, spotted drums, moray eels, all the regular critters.

But it wasn’t all about the diving. Friday night was devoted to fireworks and pirates. In Georgetown we met up with a pirate group from Seattle with whom we shared a bit of rum. Then on to the fireworks display over Hog Sty Bay. It was extremely well done with the highlight being the displays erupting from the water in front of us. Saturday afternoon was the pirate invasion that was preceded by a jet ski acrobatic demonstration and a jetpack demonstration (a James Bond contraption that allowed the operator to walk on water and soar into the air). It was an exciting and fun filled afternoon

We were able to enjoy dining out in two of my favorite restaurants on the island, Calypso Grille and The Wharf, two nights of delightful dining. Unfortunately, the weekend flew by and we were forced to return home. However, we have wonderful memories and the anticipation of returning next year.

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