Scuba Tech, Ice Diver & New Regulator Test Gear

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 4, Number 9

Hurray! It’s March! Pretty soon the time will change (again) and we will see longer days and start to experience warmer weather.

With this edition of Scuba Shack Weekly, I am making a change to the blog. In the past, I’ve given a little bit of an update about what is going on at the shop and then also included other bits of information or links to other interesting stories or content. Now, with the incorporation of Wet Notes into the bi-weekly Scuba Shack Radio podcast, I will exclusively focus this blog on shop activities in an effort to keep you connected and informed about Scuba Shack.

If you want the more general news information, Wet Notes will be available either from the podcast or on Scuba Shack TV. Multiple options here.

Congratulations to Dave on completing our first Scuba Shack Basic Technician course. It was a great eight weeks of work. The course covered tools, o-rings, computers, BCDs, regulators, tanks and tank valves culminating with fill station operations and introduction to gas blending. Now it is onto Divemaster for Dave.

All of the preparations are complete for this weekend’s Ice Diver training. We are hoping that the ice holds for the Region 5 training. The preparation for this class is intense. Safety is paramount as this cold overhead environment presents unique diving challenges. Stay tuned for an update on the class next week.

I am very excited to report that we just received our new test equipment for regulator service. Our H.P. Manager and A.I.R. Flow Analyzer have arrived. This new test equipment will allow us to be more precise in the calibration of the regulators we service. Monty and I have been eying this for several years and now we have it. All that is left is to put it together, install it and learn to use it. Will provide a picture once it is installed.

That’s it for this week.

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