Scuba trips, Boston Sea Rovers and the Goliath Grouper

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 2, Number 4

The weather got a little interesting this past week here in New England. Our satellite dish was frozen over for several days with no live TV. It is winter after all, but we must remember that we are only nine days away from Ground Hog Day. What will Chuckles predict?

Last Thursday night we had our trip meeting for Cozumel. Joel gave a great presentation and our divers are excited about getting to some warm weather diving. We even had three more folks sign up for Little
Cayman in October. The resort is now full and we were able to secure a couple of more rooms. If you want to come with us to Little Cayman, sign up soon. Don’t get locked out. Also, we started our first open water class of the year and have a large contingent for our monthly Thursday night pool session. A lot going on at Scuba Shack. Our next open water class starts February 21 and we have one spot open.

Donna and I had a chance to attend the Boston Sea Rovers holiday party last Saturday night. Yes, we ventured to Burlington, Mass. in the storm. We had dinner with last year’s BSR intern and his family and got to hear a little about his adventures. Also, the chairman of Boston Sea Rovers gave a nice presentation on the history of the club. It is really amazing how deep a history they have with the great leaders in scuba. We are looking forward to the 65th clinic in March.

I recently came across an article on DiveNewsWire discussing some research, education and conservation going on in Little Cayman. The Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI) is celebrating a 20-year anniversary.  Let’s win this battle.

Florida has a great deal of fish diversity however there was the possibility that one species could have been lost. Action however was taken in the 1990s to protect the Atlantic Goliath Grouper. They are making a comeback which is great news. Some people feel like it is time to end the protection. I don’t think that would be wise. They are impressive and interesting and fun to photograph. I am hoping to get to see this grouper in April when we are down in the Key Largo. Here is a recent article with some great shots of the groupers.

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