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Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 1, Number 9

Welcome to November to all of our Scuba Shack family and friends. Thanksgiving in just around the corner and soon we will be bombarded with Christmas commercials on TV.

The Scuba Shack trip to Turks and Caicos wrapped up Saturday. Our dive team did some outstanding dives and the weather was spectacular. Nice breezes, calm seas, water temperature around 82 to 84 degrees, tropical fish, sharks, rays, eels and turtles. It’s why we do this! Many thanks to Alan, Claire and the entire Dive Provo team.

Chris wrapped up his public safety advanced course in South Hadley. Congratulations to the team and thanks for trusting us with your training. We are also starting a weekend open water class this weekend. Three intense days of pool and classroom training. Let’s hope the weather holds for open water dives in Jamestown on November 10 and 11.

It is always great when we hear from our Scuba Shack divers about their dive trips. We recently got some news from two of our newest Open Water Scuba Shack Divers. Nancy who was certified in Jamestown recently headed out to Fiji for some diving (lucky Nancy). She let us know how great an adventure it was and that she is now in love with scuba. Will finished up his confined water here in Connecticut then headed for Bonaire for his certification dives (lucky Will). He had a great week of diving with his father-in-law and is now ready for more. Thanks Nancy and Will for sharing your experience.

As we all know diving is a gear intensive sport and we like to take a lot of gear with us on a dive; a spare mask, surface marker buoy, whistle, spool, emergency beacon to name a few. Where can we put all this when we are wearing a 3 or 5 mm wetsuit? One option is a pair of Apeks Tech Shorts. I used these shorts in Turks and Caicos. The fit was great and the pockets provided ample room for all the gear I wanted to bring along. I thought I might need to add some extra weight but that wasn’t the case. If you are like most of us and want to carry all of our safety gear without it dangling off the BC, consider a pair of Apeks Tech Shorts.

On a final note, if it has been a while since your regulator has been serviced, now is a great time to bring it in.

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