Scuba wetsuits and backplate BCDs

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 1, Number 15

Christmas is now less than two weeks away. Hope you are ready.

On Monday night we had our year end staff meeting. Many thanks to everyone who came out. We had a quick recap of 2018 and started setting the stage for 2019. We will be back in the water training at Loomis in mid-January and we are already signing up new divers for our weekend class the end of February. The Nassau trip is now posted and open for sign up. Little Cayman will be opening up very soon. We are working hard to get the all the details finalized.

At Scuba Shack we believe that exposure protection, regardless of where you are diving is vital for your comfort and safety. Wetsuits as we know come in various thickness, so we often get questions about what wetsuit should to buy. The answer is – it depends. I just came across this article from Sport Diver that talks about exposure protection. It provides some good information and can help you decide. A 5mm wetsuit is a very versatile option.

The latest edition of DAN’s Alert Diver came about a week ago. Again, it is a cover-to-cover read. This edition’s article related to gear is about backplates. Our philosophy related to the backplate and wing is grounded in well over 15 years of training and experience with this type of BC. Just don’t take our word about the value of this rig, check out what DAN has to say. 

Let’s stay warm out there and get ready for the next dive season.

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