Sea Rovers, conservation of migratory species, & build a better box

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 3, Number 11

We are back from a great weekend at the Boston Sea Rovers 66th International Ocean Symposium and Film Festival. It was an outstanding event and filled with lots of exhibitors, presentations and great video from some amazing underwater photographers. We caught up with a lot of old friends and made new ones along the way. If you missed out this year, be sure to pencil in a trip to the show next March.

I want to give a special shout out of thanks to all of those who gave us a hand at the show. Thank you Ron, Ned, Alex, Joel and to our friends Chris and Allison from Dive On It from Rhode Island for making the Public Safety Workshop and Discover Scuba experience a great success.

Peter also just got back from the Maldives. His adventure was on the live-aboard with Explorer Ventures. He said it was outstanding and I am planning to talk to him about it on a future episode of Scuba Shack Radio. Stand by!

Did you know there is a United Nations treaty addressing migratory species. It is the Conservation of Migratory Species (CMS) better known at the Bonn Convention. Here is an article from the Project Aware website that discusses the treaty. There is also a nice short video on it. Don’t forget you can still sign up for our Project Aware Specialty class on March 18.

For our innovators. Here is a link from Dive News Wire that talks about a contest that the Sea of Change is promoting to build a better turtle nesting box. Win $700 plus a trip and more importantly make a difference.

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