SECONN swap meet, Belize video, and the Maldives

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 3, Number 26

With Father’s Day in the rear view mirror we are now officially into Summer 2020. Connecticut is making outstanding progress in battling the coronavirus and it seems like we are on track for phase 3 re-opening. I feel like CT has really stepped up.

Matt and I made the trek down to Pawcatuck, CT for the SECONN annual swap meet. The event was at the Cottrail Brewing Company. The weather was spectacular, we met quite a few people and sold a few items to some lucky divers at great prices. This was my first time at the swap meet and enjoyed the day. Great job, Ryan and the rest of the SECONN crew.

Also heard from a couple of our divers – Ivan and Maggie that they did make a trip to Fort Wetherill on Saturday and that it really wasn’t that crowded – maybe all the divers were at the swap meet – probably not.

The other day, I posted a short video on our YouTube channel from the Scuba Shack Belize trip in late February/early March right before the lockdown. That was just the appetizer. Here is the main course. (See below.) Joel has put together a great trip video that highlights all the activity. It really looks like everyone had a great time and the diving looked to be spectacular. Sit down and take a look at this really cool review on Scuba Shack TV. The video is below.

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I also published another episode of Scuba Shack Radio this past weekend. It was a special edition dedicated to Your Next Dive where I sit down with Peter Katz to talk about his adventure to the Maldives. Peter also got that one in just before the shutdown back in March. It sounded like a fantastic trip. It was fun to hear all about his trip aboard the Emperor Explorer.

Hard to believe that next week it will be July!

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Belize 2020 Trip Video Report

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