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Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 3, Number 2

The first full week of 2020 is behind us and the first weekend of the NFL playoffs are over. Patriots and Eagles are out – disappointment. We will now need to wait for training camps to open and that will be during the height of our dive season.

All the Christmas decorations are put away for another year and we implemented our winter hours this week. The shop is closed on Mondays for the months of January and February. The rest of the week is business as usual.

Well the Scuba Shack travel team made it into Dive Training Magazine again. It is great to see our photo in their section featuring people who travel all over the world to dive. It’s a great looking bunch of Scuba Shack divers if I may say so. If you want to get a copy of the magazine please stop by the shop and we can hook you up while supplies last.

If you haven’t checked out our travel section lately we now have all of our planned travel posted for 2020 and two major trips to Cuba and the Philippines in 2021 out there. We’re excited about the travel program we’ve put together and extending our reach. Hope you will be able to join us!

Finally, I recently go the REEF email newsletter. They featured two new Fishinars. If you haven’t done a REEF Fishinar, I encourage you to try. They are interesting, fun and a great way to learn. Check out the REEF Fishinars for 2020 online.

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