Scuba Shack offers a wide variety of services for our clients including:

Free Equipment Consultation
We’ll spend the time needed to ensure that you are outfitted with the most appropriate equipment you’ll need for the type of diving you plan to do.

Free Training Consultation
While some customers are comfortable signing up for a scuba training program over the phone, you may have some questions that are best answered in person. You can schedule a free training consultation with one of our instructors with no obligation. You can also arrange to audit one of our classroom sessions and watch a pool session to see what its all about.

Pool Training Opportunities
Scuba Shack frequently has space available during pool sessions where you can come and test your gear or just complete a self-tune up prior to a dive vacation. Maybe you just want to breath underwater for an hour or so. Contact us to make a reservation and get more information. We can provide tanks if needed.

Scuba Tank Fills
Scuba Shack features a full air fill station offering air, enriched air nitrox, trimix, helium and argon.

Regulator & BCD Service
Our professional, certified technicians service all scuba regulators & BCDs that we sell in-house. Our service center features parts for Sherwood, Apeks, Genesis, US Divers and Aqua Lung regulators. We use the proper, special tools for servicing your regulator and have a flow bench on site for testing.

Cylinder Visual Inspection
All visual inspections are done on site by trained professionals. We utilize the Visual Plus eddy current system to detect hairline cracks or folds in the neck/thread area of all aluminum tanks.