Special Dutch Springs Report

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 2, Number 29

The hot weather has certainly kicked in and we continue to have a lot going on here at Scuba Shack. Last Thursday night we had a Nitrox class with Marla and the latest Open Water Class with Alex. It was a very busy evening.

This week Monty and Jill will be starting another Open Water Class as we prepare for our Open Water Weekend the end of July in Jamestown. Our monthly practice pool night had a couple of Discover Scubas, some pool practice and refreshers.

Our latest trip to Dutch Springs was a great deal of fun with fantastic weather and excellent conditions for the training and diving. Monty, Marla, Ron and I arrived at Dutch early on Friday afternoon and set up our base of operations for the weekend – four canopies, the trailer and van all staged to support dive operations.

On Saturday our dive team arrived – Chris, Jill, Mugar, Steve, Casey, Diana, Maggie, Ivan, and Michael. The DIR Introduction class (Casey, Steve, Diana, and Maggie) completed three dives with our Halcyon BC and the long-hose regulator configuration. It was really cool to see the great progress they made on each dive with their buoyancy, trim and propulsion. Very nice work.

Also, on Saturday, Monty completed some additional dry suit familiarization training followed by a dive to the school bus. Next up, Mugar conducted his dive briefing as part of Divemaster training followed by leading the team on a dive on the jet liner, to the bus, and back to the docks. With our diving over for the day, we headed to Copperhead Grille for dinner on their patio. Outstanding.

On Sunday, Monty conducted a training class on using a stage bottle, followed by a deep dive out beyond the trolley in preparation for the August Deep Dive Specialty class. Ron and I finished up our diving with a nice easy dive on the jet liner and Cessna followed by a trip along the quarry wall. To close out the weekend, the team worked with Jill on rescue scenario seven in preparation for her instructor class.

We cannot wait to get back in August. We will be offering Advanced Open Water, DIR Introduction and Deep Dive Specialty. Our deadline for signing up for any of those classes is July 31 so we can properly prepare. If you just want to get some fun diving in, please come on down to Dutch Springs and see how we do things. You won’t be disappointed.

Until next week, thanks for tuning in,


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