Spring means a long weekend in the Bahamas!

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 4, Number 12

Hooray – we made it to Spring 2021. This promises to be a whole lot better spring this year than 2020. What a fantastic change in the weather. To think that just 10 days ago we were ice diving. Only in New England.

Here it is – the FINAL call for Nassau. We need to close out the Memorial Day trip to Nassau in the next week. If you are ready to get away soon – diving with Stuart Cove is the way to go. Check out the details and then call us by April 1.

Well we continued our Divemaster class this week with one night of lecture (thanks Peter) followed by a night at the pool. Ron and I were able to take Bill, Zach, Dave and Jay through their first set of skills. They had an awesome night at the pool and are really off and running with their DM rating later this spring.

The AIR Flow Bench and HP Manager are operational. There are still a few tweaks to the set up but on Saturday Tom and Jay completed the hook up of the high pressure lines. Bill was able to get the flow meter to work properly and we tested our first regulator. A great step forward for our service department.

It was quite busy at the shop on Saturday. Good to see folks getting ready to dive. Ahh, it is amazing what some nice weather will do.

Matt and Joel also started the March Open Water class this week. Our future divers completed their virtual session on dive physics and dive planning and are now set for their practical work at the shop and pool.

Until next week,

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