Training Philosophy

Scuba Shack Course Catalog

Scuba Shacks training philosophy was born out of our frustration with the way we (principals, owners and instructors) were taught to dive. We did not like it, nor did we think it adequate. So we searched. What we want to offer you (our clients) are the same revolutionary processes of diver training we found, adopted and developed for ourselves.

You can check out our complete Course Catalog, but years of experience has proven there are four classes our team knows you should enroll in to become a competent and save diver.

We want you to understand that our passion for diving and teaching is different. Through the courses offered at Scuba Shack we want to share this passion with you and hopefully ignite that same passion in you. Some of the scuba industry’s training has forgotten the fact that in every sport, past time, hobby and industry… everything in our lives, is developed and evolves from the extremes.

scuba-shack-nassau-201505-015Example: Our automobiles developed and evolved from auto racing, Indy, NASCAR, Baja, Monaco. Our skiing developed by the biggest and best skiers on this planet. Our computers, our cameras, our aircraft all continue to evolve from the highest end of its users. So, your diving has been, is being and should be developed for you at the highest end also. Example: Cave and technical diving.

We at Scuba Shack have evolved and continue to do so. Some have gone on to Cave and Technical and some have just and continue to train with these developments. Who better to teach you? We do not expect to train you at our level, you will start over, and we will move you and let your diving evolve to where ever you wish.

Example: White belt all the way to black belt if you desire. There will be no push, we do however want you to become comfortable, competent and confident with your diving, this is only so you have much more FUN.

Scuba Shack requires every potential student to have a one-on-one consultation with one of trained staff. This is to ensure that both the student and the facility are on the same page. This will also ensure that your needs and goals are understood and met. We do not allow you just to sign up. Please do not ask for or expect a quick fix or a quick class from us. You must commit to be trained and if you do, you will get our commitment to train you.

Many of our classes have an eLearning component, allowing you to review the academic material and watch training videos online, from anywhere with an Internet connection. Keep in mind diving is a social activity and computers are no match for the group therapy of a classroom setting.

Upon enrollment in one of our courses you will have paid for training but it must be made clear that you will earn certification.

The choice is yours. Don’t you think your dive training decision deserves at least some of your time discussing our philosophy with a professional on our staff?