UW Naturalist class, DAN suspends dive travel insurance program & PADI app

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 3, Number 36

Welcome to September everyone. It seems like things are starting to cool off a bit and we are getting some much needed rain. It has been dry, but we are still getting wet.

Ron and Tom recently completed another confined water class last weekend and our prospective divers – Nancy, Ed, Chris and Ryan will be heading to Jamestown later this month to complete their open water certification dives. We also have another class starting next week with six more future scuba divers.

If you are in the Fort Wetherill area this Sunday, Sept. 6, please stop by and say hello. Deb will be conducting the PADI Underwater Naturalist class – New England style. Maybe there will be some tropicals in the area. Look for the Scuba Shack van.

I ran across an update on the DAN website that indicated that they have currently suspended their dive travel insurance program. So I reached out to DAN and according to Austen Massey from DAN Member Relations, they are looking to have it back sometime in September. An exact date is not currently available – but it will be back. Stay tuned – I’ll keep you updated.

If you haven’t checked out the all new PADI mobile app – you should. It can be downloaded for both Apple and Android devices. It tracks all of your certifications as well as gives you some great information – especially if you want to learn to tie knots. Find out more online.

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