Scuba Shack’s Value Story

In the wonderful world of scuba diving, Scuba Shack’s Value Story is important to you. Our team uses Education, Equipment and Experience to allow divers to obtain more Comfort, Competence and Confidence. This simple equation makes your scuba diving adventures more Fun.

Scuba Shack’s difference is Value.

val•ue (val’yoo) n. Worth in usefulness or importance to the possessor; utility or merit: the value of an education. v. to rate or scale in usefulness, importance, or general worth.

Your first question … How important is your dive training and gear; what is it worth to you?

Scuba Shack sells value, not price.

  • We know you will look to others and the internet market for price of your scuba education, equipment and experience.
  • If you find a deal that looks like a better value, bring it to us. We will meet or beat the value offered.
  • We want your business or at least an opportunity for it.
  • Trust us, and we will earn your respect

Value Comparison Calculator

In a world of oranges, we’re an apple. You can’t compare apples to oranges so don’t try. Let’s take a look at the value included with Scuba Shack’s education, equipment, and experience.

ValueScuba ShackOthers
In business since 1977, 34 years
100-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Full time facility
GUE Dive Center, PADI 5 star IDC Center, PADI Facility #38
EFR Training Center, DAN Training Center
12 Instructors and more than 20 Divemasters
Hundreds of combined years of experience and knowledge
We actually dive throughout the world
Our diving evolves from the extreme cave / technical diving
All Instructors must participate in continued education
We are a brick and mortar retailer, we make divers
You pay for our training, you earn your certification
All service technicians are annually trained
All classes taught are annually evaluated / updated
We dive, use, and prove what we sell
We are truly passionate about scuba
Factory authorized service / parts center
Products sold include full manufacturer warranties
We service everything we sell
Free assembly for purchased items
Free customer consultation for education, equipment, and experience
Free training session with gear purchases
Free trials or demos of all we sell
Real live knowledgeable people to talk to
Satisfaction guaranteed

How about them apples?

~Ultimately, the choice is yours~