Weekend update, night diving, and new dive lights

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 2, Number 35

We certainly had a spectacular weekend in Jamestown, RI at Fort Wetherill this past weekend. The weather was absolutely fantastic and the water conditions were warm with typical visibility and a lot of marine life to see. It was quite busy with divers from all over New England enjoying the dive site.

First off congratulations to our newest Open Water Divers. Great job Justin, Emma, Cliff, Paul, Caroline and Courtney. We are proud of your hard work and becoming part of our diving community. We hope you enjoy your diving adventures.

Also, our Sunday drive and dive led by Mike, Deb and Nicki took Duyet, Dave, Jen, Shay and Bill on a couple of tours of the Ft. Wetherill site and offered them some great late summer diving in New England. 

If you haven’t seen our newest event on Facebook, Monty and Mike are planning a night dive at Stonington Point on Friday, Sept. 6. Give us a call for details.

Scuba Shack has just become a distributor of Bigblue Dive Lights. We have two different models in the shop right now. Remember if you are planning a night dive you will need a primary and backup dive light. I will be providing more details on the Bigblue lights in the next newsletter. You can sign up for our newsletter below.

I hope everyone enjoys the Labor Day Weekend. Just a reminder the shop will be closed for the long weekend – see you after the holiday.

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