Weekly update – Dutch Springs trip Sept. 18-20

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 3, Number 37
We had some spectacular late summer weather this past weekend. Hope you had a chance to enjoy the holiday weekend responsibly.

For us, we were back at Fort Wetherill where we conducted the 2020 edition of the PADI Underwater Naturalist specialty – New England style. Deb did a fantastic job getting Irek, Bill, and George ready for their dive and with Steve leading the way, our two dives allowed us to find some interesting stuff that sometimes we look beyond. Great day! Congrats on the certification guys.

Monty and Tom have started another open water class. Our six perspective divers will be doing their confined water training before their certification dives at the end of the month. And, Dutch Springs weekend is a week away – join us – Sept. 18 – 20.

Project AWARE Week 2020 is coming soon. The third annual Project AWARE Week this year will run September 19 – 27. In support of AWARE week, Scuba Shack is conducting the fins-off Coral Reef Conservation Specialty. This virtual event is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 24. Check out our Facebook Events page for all the details.

Matt told me about a recent shipwreck found in Lake Champlain. Turns out they found the paddlewheel of the steamboat Phoenix that burned and sank on September 4, 1819. Wow. Here is the link to the newsflash.

Finally, NOAA has published 5 common misconceptions about the ocean on their website. Just adding to our overall knowledge.

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