Wrecks, more pirates and UW Naturalist

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 2, Number 6

Super Bowl LIII is over. Congratulations to the New England Patriots. We know a lot of our Scuba Shack family are Patriots fans.

I guess everybody was encouraged by Punxutawney Phil and Connecticut’s Chuckles prediction of an early spring as the shop was quite busy on Saturday, or maybe it was the 3rd anniversary party at Still Hill that had folks coming in. It was fun to talk about diving with everyone who came in. Also, on Saturday night Donna and I attended the SECONN Dive Club Winter Banquet at Mystic Aquarium. It was a great evening dining with the fishes – not quite as good as diving but definitely getting me ready for Key Largo in April. SECONN is doing some great stuff.

Speaking of SECONN, did you know that they are putting on a Wreck Diving Symposium? It will be held on Feb. 16 at UCONN Avery Point Campus. There will be presentations by some incredible wreck divers including Richie Kohler, Captain Bill Palmer, Mark Munro, Bob Foster and John Stanford.

In my last update, I introduced a book by Eric Dolan about American pirates. Turns out that Eric will be doing a presentation at Boston Sea Rovers on Sunday March 10 at 9:30 a.m. Black Flags, Blue Waters: The Epic History of America’s Most Notorious Pirates. If you are at Sea Rovers this will be an interesting seminar. I am planning to attend and hear from Eric.

Since we’ve turned the calendar over to February, I wanted to share a little more about some new diving opportunities with Scuba Shack. I have been working with Deb Dauphanais on putting together a PADI Underwater Naturalist (New England Style) course. We’ve got it all set. The course will be held in June 2019. We will do one classroom session followed by two dives at Fort Wetherill. This should be a lot of fun. I know Deb is super excited about this. More information is available right here.

Just a reminder our free Project Aware class is less than two weeks away. Please call us or email to register.

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