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A visit to Northeast Scuba Supply, Photo of the Month, and more

Jeffrey Cinciripino   May 13, 2021


Scuba Shack Weekly -  Volume 4 No. 19

Donna and I are back from our trip to PA over Mother’s Day. I guess the post pandemic traffic is about back to normal. The Garden State Parkway and Tappan Zee Bridge sure did have a lot of backups as we made our way north.

While we were down in PA, we headed over to Northeast Scuba Supply to pick up several v-weights. Now that was an experience. We had a nice little visit with John Allen who owns Northeast Scuba Supply and what a place it is. John has a really extensive vintage scuba collection spread around the building. If you really are looking for odd-ball stuff, give John a call and if you happen to be in the area of Norristown, PA you should definitely drop in. It’s definitely worth it.

You might have seen a section on the new website for Photos of the Month. We’d like to feature photos from all of you each month in this section. That is where I could use your help. Please send in some of your favorite shots along with a caption and we will put them up on the website. Please send them to Over time, I hope to have an online submission form. Until then, please consider sending in a photo or two.

This past weekend, Matt, Mike and Bill were back in RI doing their tech training with Chris from Dive On It. They were preparing for their open water dives this coming weekend. Getting ready for Michigan.

Monty has started another open water class. They will be in the pool this weekend and heading to Jamestown with us in a couple of weeks.

You might also notice that we are slowly adding more products to our online store. Don’t forget to take a look.

And finally, I was able to put together a short video from our deep dive at Dutch Springs. What great visibility. Check it out.

Until next week. Take care.