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Scuba Shack Offerings

Scuba equipment, scuba gear servicing, dive training, and more!


Top of the Line Scuba Equipment

Scuba Shack carries top of the line scuba equipment in southern New England from some of the most trusted names in diving including Aqualung, Halcyon, Apeks, Akona and more. Our knowledgeable staff can help you pick out the right gear for you, from beginner to pro. We make sure you have the help you need, checking that your scuba gear is appropriately fitted so you feel confident that your equipment will function correctly on every dive, ensuring your underwater adventures are safe and fun. We are dedicated to educating divers and the public on ocean health and sustainability, so step into the blue with Scuba Shack.

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Scuba Gear Servicing

Our comprehensive Scuba Shack service department consists of three-station bench that can be used to repair and maintain your regulator, BCD, computer, or other scuba gear. We also have a fully equipped tank and tank valve service station so you can be proactive and make sure your most important scuba gear is performing correctly. We provide hydrostatic testing, scuba cylinder oxygen cleaning, regulator, and visual gear inspection. Scuba diving is a safe and fun activity made possible by properly functioning equipment. Come see our expert team for fast and reliable assistance.

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Dive Training

Training divers at all ages is at the heart of Scuba Shack. As a PADI Five-Star Instructor Development Center we are uniquely positioned to train at all levels within the PADI system. If you are a beginner diver, looking to expand your diving experience, want to learn more or pursue a career as a dive professional, look no further than Scuba Shack! We offer PADI recreational courses in scuba diving, open water diving, rescue diving, and more. Additionally, we offer PADI professional training so that you can become a PADI divemaster, assistant instructor emergency first responder instructor, and more.

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Group Dive Travel Events

Ready to explore the open water? Book your next group dive trip with the experts from Scuba Shack! From Cozumel, Mexico, Little Cayman, and more, we offer group diving trips with unlimited shore diving for an amazing value! You’ll be led by a team of dive experts and get the chance to explore the underwater world of some beautiful countries.

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