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Scuba diving is a safe and enjoyable activity. That safety and enjoyment is made possible with properly serviced and maintained scuba equipment. We pride ourselves on fast and reliable service.

Your regulator should be inspected/serviced annually. We are able to service all scuba regulators sold in our store along with many others. Scuba Shack only uses authorized dealer repair kits and performs service according to manufacturer’s specifications. Our test bench ensures that your regulator is tuned for optimal performance.

BCD and Dive Computers
BCDs and Dive Computers are very reliable. Your BCD should be inspected periodically. For many dive computers, replacing the battery is fast and convenient.

Scuba Cylinder Visual Inspection
All scuba cylinders must be visually inspected annually. Scuba Shack’s Visual Inspection Program follows the protocols developed by PSI-PCI - the gold standard for cylinder inspection. Our twelve-step process ensures your cylinder is ready for diving.

Scuba Cylinder Oxygen Cleaning
Scuba tanks used for Enriched Air (Nitrox) must be oxygen cleaned for safety when blending Enriched Air. Our six-step cleaning process ensures that there is no contamination inside the cylinder.

Scuba Tank Valve Service
We highly recommend that your scuba tank valve be serviced every five years with your hydrostatic test. This overhaul of the valve replaces key components to ensure smooth and reliable operation.

Hydrostatic Test
All aluminum and steel high pressure cylinders must be hydrostatically tested every five years. Most carbon fiber cylinders must be hydrostatically tested every three years.

Full Face Mask
We offer in-house full service for Interspiro/AGA, OTS/Guardian, and OTS/Stealth full face masks.

In the event that we are not trained or authorized to service your particular equipment, we maintain partnerships with other repair and maintenance providers.