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We are located in Rocky Hill, CT at 1275 Cromwell Avenue A6 - the Shunpike Business Center. Our 3000 square foot full service dive center is ready to fulfill all your scuba diving needs.

Our Retail Store carries top of the line scuba equipment from some of the most trusted names in diving. Come in, talk about the gear, get fitted, use our changing room and rest assured that when you leave, your new scuba equipment fits and is working properly.

A well-equipped Classroom is designed to facilitate the learning experience and provide for your comfort during training.

Our Service Department incorporates a three-station repair and maintenance bench to work on your regulator, BCD, computer or other scuba gear. In addition to the repair bench we have an independent tank and tank valve service station. We are fully equipped with specialized tools and test equipment, so you can rest assured that your scuba gear will perform according to specifications.

Our Air Fill Station offers fills for SCUBA, SCBA, and many types of paintball and air rifle tanks. We are able to fill Ultra Pure, CGA E Air, Nitrox, and Trimix for properly certified divers.

To meet the evolving demands in virtual training, video production and distance learning, Scuba Shack TV’s Studio is able to deliver professional high-quality audio/video services.

The Scuba Shack Fleet includes a scuba outfitted Chevy Express van and our 12-foot trailer to transport all of our gear and support equipment to the dive site.

Rounding out the shop is our large Warehouse of inventory, rental and training equipment.