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Big Open Water Class, Big Open Water Weekend and some S. FLA diving

Jeffrey Cinciripino   Jul 29, 2021

Scuba Shack Weekly - Volume 4 No. 152

We continue to have a very busy summer as we look to close the books on July 2021. The team has certainly been working hard.

Last weekend, Alex with Matt and Ned’s assistance completed all the confined water dives for one of our larger classes. Our 8 prospective PADI Open Water Divers are now set to complete their certification dives and start their underwater journey. Great job to everyone who worked very hard to get to this point.

The pool was also busy on Sunday with other activities. Deb conducted a scuba skills refresher class with a couple of our divers and Donna conducted another Discover Scuba class. Also, Gina and Dennis got a little pool practice in. 

Matt was also in the pool on Friday for a private scuba skill refresher course. 

This weekend we will be back at Fort Wetherill conducting open water certification dives. This is a very big group getting their PADI certification. As I write this we anticipate that we will have 14 divers finishing up their dives. Wow!

We also finalized our plans for some additional diving. First, we have booked several charters with South Florida Diving Headquarters in Pompano Beach for the last week of October. Additionally, our reservations are made for Cozumel in late February 2022 for a week at Blue Angel. All the details can be found on our website. 

Finally, if anyone has any photos that they would like to share for our August Photos of the Month, please send them along with a caption to

Until next week take care.