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Henri misses, Open Water starts, and Sea Rovers is on.

Jeffrey Cinciripino   Aug 26, 2021


Scuba Shack Weekly - Volume 4 No. 156

Well that was a near miss for CT with Henri over the weekend. Rhode Island wasn’t as fortunate as us and we wish them all the best as they recover from Henri. It was fortunate that we did not have any open water certification dives scheduled for last weekend. And fortuitously we had combined last weekend’s planned trip to Dutch Springs with the September trip, so we were all close to home as the rains came in. Truly we were extremely lucky this time around.

As I sat down to write this week, the date really jumped out at me as next weekend is Labor Day. Summer just whizzed by didn’t it? Most of the schools open up again next Monday (I know that Glastonbury started this week). And speaking about here we go again - Rocky Hill issued an indoor mask mandate last weekend. We’re doing our part here at Scuba Shack to put Covid in the rear view mirror.

Ron has started yet another open water class - our third of the month. Dave is assisting and the prospective divers will be headed to the pool this weekend to complete their confined water dives before heading to open water in September. 

Monty and I are headed up to a Boston Sea Rovers meeting in Danvers this week. The planning is in the final stages as the clinic is only five weeks away. As of right now, everything is still on. The weekend is really packed with some great activities including a daytime seminar on Saturday by our very own Ron. Stay tuned here for any updates as the show gets closer.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and take care until next week.