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It’s time for Boston Sea Rovers, More open water congrats, and Big news from Scuba Shack Radio

Jeffrey Cinciripino   Sep 30, 2021

Scuba Shack Weekly - Volume 4 No. 161

Well it’s here. It is time for the Boston Sea Rovers annual clinic. This is the 67th straight year that the event has taken place. This year the date shifted from its early March timeframe to the first weekend of October. The move was a result of the pandemic restrictions earlier in the year. The early decision to move the clinic has allowed the consecutive streak of years to continue. While there will be a masking requirement for attending the seminars and exhibit floor, I think it is a small inconvenience given our need for these types of events. Just a reminder, Scuba Shack will be closed on Friday October 1 and Saturday October 2 as we are headed to Danvers, MA as we are supporting the Boston Sea Rovers in quite a few ways.

Congratulations to our two newest Scuba Shack open water divers. Milicent and Craig headed down to Bonaire and completed their certification dives with Flamingo Diving. Now that is a great way to complete your training. Well done and keep diving!

Scuba Shack Radio is now the Vurbl ambassador for scuba diving. If you aren’t familiar with Vurbl it is a new streaming service for all things audio (kind of like YouTube for audio). When I first got onto the platform and claimed the Scuba Shack Radio station, I noticed that there wasn’t a category for scuba diving. So I reached out and was able to have it added to the list. Even better, I was able to get Scuba Shack Radio to be the ambassador for that category. It is an up and coming place and I hope that you will check it out. One thing that would be cool is if you could subscribe to the station. Joining Vurbl is pretty easy and free. Please check it at Scuba Shack Radio

And finally this week, Scuba Shack Radio is also a patron of The Dive Locker Podcast by Tec Clark (The Scuba Guru). It is a really great podcast for both dive professionals as well as those who can’t get enough scuba diving. We just got a “Shout Out” from Tec on his latest episode. Listen to the shout out!

Until next week, take care,