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Nassau Diving and Open Water YouTube Video

Jeffrey Cinciripino   May 27, 2021

Scuba Shack Weekly -  Volume 4 No. 21

Greetings from Nassau everyone. YES - we made it down to Stuart Cove’s for our annual Memorial Day trip. Stay tuned for an update when we get back next week. Until then - we’re going diving.

Congratulations once again to our five new open water divers. Great job Hannah, Peter, Alex, Jimmy and Jared. It was a really great weekend up at Fort Wetherill. The dives went off without a hitch and thanks to Ron, Alex, Lizzy, Bill, Zach who helped Monty, Matt and me conduct the dives. We are off and running. You can check out the weekend video on Scuba Shack TV.

Also last week Monty and Tom conducted a Nitrox course and then Monty and Alex completed an Emergency First Response course and Emergency Oxygen Provider class.

The latest edition of Wet Notes from Scuba Shack Radio is now on Scuba Shack TV as well. Take a listen to some news and information from the underwater world.

And finally, don’t forget about our photo of the month initiative. Yes, next week will be June and I’ll be publishing our first installment of Scuba Shack’s Photos of the Month. Just email your pictures to me at

Enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend. (The official start of Summer 2021)