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New Rescue Divers, Gear Service, and more

Jeffrey Cinciripino   Oct 21, 2021

Scuba Shack Weekly - Volume 4 No. 164. 

Donna and I are back from PA where we attended my cousin's wedding, finished packing up my Mom’s house and completed her move from PA to CT. It WAS a very busy week.

It was also a very busy week at the shop as well. Monty and Tom let our rescue class over the weekend with help from Bill and Jay. I want to congratulate our three new Rescue Divers - Duyet, Caroline and Bryan. Rescue Diver represents a significant milestone in your diving career. Great job!

Also, last week a couple of the local public safety teams brought in various pieces of equipment for service. That will keep the service department very busy over the next couple of weeks. It will also ensure that their gear is ready when the call comes. It’s not too early to be thinking about your own gear. Now is a great time to review what you will need to have ready for the 2022 dive and travel season and make plans to bring it to the shop.

Monty, Ned and Matt have started a public safety open water course for Trumbull PD. The course continues next week with open water certification dives on tap for November. Don’t worry, everyone will be in dry suits. The course also includes full-face mask training. We just keep going.

Next week Donna and I will be in Pompano Beach along with Alex, Neil and Antanis for five days of diving including a trip to Blue Heron Bridge. The Blue Heron Bridge is a spot we’ve wanted to get to for a very long time. Stay tuned for a trip update when we get back.

SPOILER ALERT - This week’s episode of Scuba Shack Radio will feature an interview with Andy Leisner - PADI’s Chief Consumer Officer. Stand by for a great update.

Let’s just say retirement has not been boring. Busier than ever and all GOOD!

Until next week, take care.