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Open Water Success, More classes and a Dutch Springs Update

Jeffrey Cinciripino   Aug 03, 2021

Scuba Shack Weekly - Volume 4 No. 153

Publishing the Scuba Shack Weekly a few days early this week. I am heading down to PA for several days to take care of some family business and wanted to make sure I kept everyone updated on the goings on at the Shack.

First off, we had a massive open water certification weekend up at Fort Wetherill. We were very fortunate to have some absolutely spectacular weather in Jamestown for both days. The group of 14 newly certified open water scuba divers worked hard, had a lot of fun and celebrated a well deserved certification. There was a lot of training going on up there and it is great to see the interest in scuba.

Speaking of interest in scuba, we are right back at it. Tom is starting another open water class this week. The class of eight will be conducting their confined water sessions this week and then will head to Jamestown over Labor Day weekend to complete their ocean dives. And that’s not all we still have two more classes to go in August (three all together)

We have decided to postpone our August trip to Dutch Springs and consolidate our Advanced Open Water, Wreck Diver and potentially Dry Suit Diver classes to September. September at Dutch is fantastic. Come on down. As a reminder the dates for the trip are Saturday 9/11 and Sunday 9/12. As is normal, the Scuba Shack crew will get there on Friday afternoon 9/10.

The latest episode of Scuba Shack Radio is available. In episode #64 Your Next Dive takes you to St. Thomas, plus you can listen to Wet Notes for some news and information updates.

Until next week, take care everyone.