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Three Great Lakes, New Open Water Divers and Divemaster Dave

Jeffrey Cinciripino   Jul 01, 2021

Scuba Shack Weekly - Volume 4 No. 148

Welcome to July everyone and it sure has felt a lot like summer over the past several days. These long days, bright sun and hot weather is sure to make our local diving a whole lot nicer as the water temperatures warm up nicely.

In case you missed it on Facebook, Matt, Mike, Chris and Bill were up in Michigan last week diving some of the Great Lakes shipwrecks. I think Matt said that they got to dive three of the Great Lakes - Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, and Lake Superior. Not bad! Stay tuned for the trip report, the video and maybe some pictures in our Photo of the Month section.

Congratulations to our newest open water divers who completed their certification dives this past weekend at Fort Wetherill. I understand that visibility was a bit of a challenge in Jamestown but we are hearty New England divers and can deal with all types of environmental conditions. Welcome Darryl, Ignacy, Jordan, Chris and John to the Scuba Shack diving family.

Also, congratulations are in order for Dave. Dave completed all his Divemaster work this past weekend and is now entering the PADI professional ranks. Dave started with the Scuba Tech course way back in January of this year. A long haul with a great ending.

Next week Matt will be starting another open water class with another six prospective divers. More to come on their progress.

I want to wish you all a happy 4th of July. Whether you are having a picnic, just kicking back or going out diving, enjoy the three-day weekend.

Take care,