Milford Fire Department trains with Scuba Shack

Earlier this month, Scuba Shack’s Public Safety Division was at the Milford Fire Department in Milford, Connecticut teaching a Public Safety Dive Course. Eight members of the fire department’s Dive Rescue Team received all-day training both in the classroom and in the local high school swimming pool.

Buoyancy control, propulsion, weighting, equipment and body control were all covered in detail. Class was conducted by instructors Ed Hayes and Gary Woods.

Training with Warham Fire Rescue

In early December, Public Safety Instructors Ed Hayes and Gary Woods conducted a full face mask class at the Wareham Fire Rescue Headquarters on Cape Cod. The fire department purchased full face masks with coms and a base communication unit from Scuba Shack.

The new equipment was assembled and added to their exiting scuba gear at the fire house and the in water pool session was held at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy. The pool session included dry suit training, buoyancy control, propulsion and use of the full face masks with coms.

If your department is interested in professional training for your rescue groups, contact Scuba Shack in Rocky Hill, Connecticut for additional information. Courses can be tailored for the requirements of your department and staff.

Police Regional Dive Team Training

Scuba Shack worked with multiple Public Safety Dive Teams along the Connecticut shoreline during March.