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Men's Aqualung CeramiQskin Pant

Men's Aqualung CeramiQskin Pant


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Part Number:SU4360131L Manufacturer: Aqua Lung SIZE:

Our CeramiQskin first layer range is the most advanced Aqualung suit ever designed to assist you in staying warm during dives and can be used under either a drysuit or a wetsuit. It can even be used alone for warm-water dives. The material is an exclusive and highly technical fabric that gives a high level of thermal protection, zero buoyancy and extreme comfort thanks to the Ceramic technology applied in the tri-laminated fabric. CeramiQskin is a blend of Lycra exterior with a breathable Polyurethane (PU) membrane and polar fleece inside.


  • - Tri-laminated fabric: Lycra on the outside, PU membrane with Ceramic Technology in the middle and Polar Fleece against the skin
  • - Ceramic technology: Uses a blend of 30 metallic oxides derived from volcanic rocks, heated at 1600 C and mixed with a polyurethane binder. This paste obtained is applied on a PU membrane, enabling it to capture the "far" infrared rays emitted by our body and return them to the body. This helps to keep you warm, activates blood microcirculation and provides a high level of comfort
  • - Zero buoyancy: No need to add weight
  • - Polar Fleece against the skin for added comfort and warmth
  • - The Breathable PU membrane facilitates the transfer of moisture from inside to outside, but is a watertight barrier from outside to inside
  • - Silicone strip on the inside edge of the top helps keep everything in place
  • - Fabrics are produced in France. They all meet the expectations of the European regulation REACH (free of forbidden chemicals) and also the OEKOTEX worldwide label

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