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Shearwater Perdix 2 TI Dive Computer

Shearwater Perdix 2 TI Dive Computer


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Part Number:13301-10 Manufacturer: SHEARWATER Model: TI

The Perdix TI dive computer from Shearwater Research, is a robust dive computer for technical divers of all levels, and ready out of the box for air, nitrox, and trimix gasses.

This simple 2-button interface and easy to navigate menu structure allows for intuitive and quick operation underwater. The Perdix 2 TI and Perdix 2 TI Black feature a large, high resolution LCD screen is both easy to read, and power efficient, with a Titanium Bezel/Titanium Black Bezel. The Perdix 2 TI operates on any AA sized battery, and is user-replaceable in the field with minimal effort. The included digital compass is both accurate and smooth, and Bluetooth integration offers download and upload capability from Mac, PC, and iOS devices.

All Shearwater dive computers use Buhlmann ZHL-16C as the decompression algorithm. User adjustable conservatism may be achieved by manipulation of gradient factors settings in the computer’s settings. An optional VPM-B algorithm may be purchased if desired, and installed in the field.

The 2.2" Color LCD display is easy to read, with aluminosilicate toughened glass lens that offers improved clarity and damage resistance while guarding the fantastic & bright LCD screen. The display may be customized with user-defined font colors, and may be inverted for those who wish to wear the Perdix 2 TI on their opposite arm. Several layouts may be selected from, and fonts may be customized for size and color.

The Perdix 2 TI operates with any AA-sized battery. Shearwater Research recommends the use of Duracell Coppertop alkaline batteries for their widespread availability, and reliability. Shearwater dive computers will operate about 30 hours on a quality alkaline battery, or up to 95 hours using Saft LS14500 batteries. Li-Ion, NiMH, Photo Lithium 1.5 and Zinc-Carbon 1.5 batteries may also be used.

*Transmitter sold separately!

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