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Happy Father’s Day, New Divemasters and Technical Diving

Jeffrey Cinciripino   Jun 17, 2021


Scuba Shack Weekly - Volume 4  No.146

First off this week I want to wish all the dads out there a Happy Father’s Day. Hope you get to relax and get that special reward from the kiddos. I’ll be painting a bookcase!

Some great news here at the dive shop. Bill, Zach and Jay have finished up all their work for Divemaster, submitted their application and are now officially PADI Divemasters. Dave is hot on their heals and is finishing up a few administrative items in the next few weeks. Welcome to the professional side of scuba.

The preparations for the Michigan trip continue to take center stage in the bay. At last count there were 15 sets of doubles being prepared along with a significant number of stage bottles to support the deeper wrecks in the Great Lakes. Monty, Matt, Mike, and Bill will be leaving very early Saturday morning for the trek out there. Chris is already on the road to Michigan. Donna and I (mainly Donna) will be holding down the fort next week.

Tom and Jay are back from Florida where they completed their Introduction to Technical Diving, Decompression Diving and Advanced Nitrox with Alec Hutchersen with John Chatterton’s operation. Seems that John was off in pursuit of another adventure. Wonder what that will be? Congrats Tom and Jay. 

I firmed up plans with Deb last week to offer the PADI Underwater Naturalist class again this year. It will be held on the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend (September 5th). We’ve put it on the calendar and it is easy to sign up for the class online. Check it out. This will be our third year and it just keeps getting better. You will see Fort Wetherill in a whole new light and notch another PADI Specialty on your way to Master Scuba Diver.

Until next week - take care everyone,