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Zeagle F8 Octo

Zeagle F8 Octo


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Part Number:320-8310 Manufacturer: Zeagle Model: F8 Octo Color: YELLOW

High performance with free-flow control, adjustable cracking. 

The Zeagle F8 Octopus is a lightweight, high-performance second stage with a free-flow control.  Under the banner of superior performance, the second stage/octo is pneumatically balanced and integrates anti-freezing technology for a guaranteed backup on every dive. 

The F8 also includes a heat sink and has an adjustable cracking pressure. This is very important in Octopus regulators, since the Pre-Dive position is much more resistant to Venturi-Free-flows that can sometimes result in significant air-loss during a dive. The F8 Octopus comes with a Yellow cover and 36? hose.

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