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Zeagle Onyx II Octo

Zeagle Onyx II Octo


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Part Number:320-0310 Manufacturer: Zeagle Model: Onyx II Octo Color: YELLOW

Free flow control and adjustable cracking pressure. 

Built on top of the DNA of the original Onyx Octo, the Zeagle Onyx 2 Octopus is a lightweight and comfortable unit that’s compact enough to fit into any kit or setup.  

Adjustable inhalation resistance,  free-flow control and anti-freezing features combine to help the Onyx II Octo punch above its weight, especially for the price and warranty that comes with it.  

Made from flexible yet rigid mix of thermoplastic, elastomeric, polymer and silicone rubber, the Onyx II Octopus is grippable and supple to the touch, yet incredibly strong and durable over years of long lasting use.

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